Good Music.

Today New England is getting hit with a nice blizzard, probably the last one of the season. This is what it looks like outside:IMG_6255

I love winter. I would always choose a blizzard over a cloudless, 95 degree day. However, I know I have a lot of friends who are eagerly looking forward to warmer weather, sunshine, and days that look more like this:


While you guys all wait for that, I’d like to share some music with you. It is a collaboration between a few of my friends, and it features the ukulele. What could possibly feel more summery than some ukulele music?

This album was created by my two friends Autumn and Kristina. We all lived together in a built-up triple my junior year in college. Autumn’s strength is in words. She wrote the lyrics for all the songs. (If you like the words she’s written, check out her blog Kristina wrote the music for and performs each song on the album. You can listen to (and buy!) three of the songs at Our friend Lisa also jumped in on some of the songs with the shaker and some harmonies.

Having no skills in words or music, they let me design the album cover. The album is titled The Little Things, so I went for an I Spy kind of theme and featured the ukulele I made from a DIY kit last year. (If you want to learn more about DIY ukuleles, check out my ukulele blog post). Autumn and I had fun seeking out as many “little things” as we could find:


Then I sent the image to Autumn, who added the text to produce the final cover:


So far this album includes four songs – three with lyrics, and one instrumental. Three of the songs you can buy on Kristina’s bandcamp site. My favorite song is “Match.”


Or if you know me and would like to buy a CD for $5.00, I can hook you up!

Enjoy the tunes!

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