Denim Whale

This past weekend I wanted to try out a project I found on Pinterest. I had two old pairs of worn out jeans that weren’t worth donating, so I searched. “repurpose jeans.”  One of the first few search results was this super cute whale stuffed animal. I had to try it. The tutorial I followed was by a Finnish blogger, but she does have an English version of the tutorial which can be found here.

I like trying out online tutorials because they help me to learn two things:

  1. New skills and techniques
  2. How to write clear and helpful instructions

I am interested in posting more of my own tutorials in the future, but for now I’m still learning about what makes one good. This steps in this whale tutorial were super clear and easy to follow. I am a visual learner and so I like how she used a lot of pictures. Here are the steps I followed from her tutorial:


Step 1: Gather Materials

FullSizeRender (3)
In the tutorial she used the right and wrong side of the denim to make the two tone whale body. I used just used two different pairs of jeans.

Step 2: Draw and cut out your paper templates

I sketched mine out roughly based on the photos in the tutorial.

Step 3: Cut out your fabric pieces using your paper templates

I put the fabric wrong sides together and then cut out 2 pieces at a time.

Step 4: Sew the tail and fins together and turn right side out

After I turned them right side out, I sewed around each piece to help them lay flat.

Step 5: Sew seams into the belly pieces (I forgot to take a picture for this one)

Step 6: Sew together the top pieces and bottom pieces of the body

After this step I added mini anorak snaps for the eyes.

Step 7: Attach the tailIMG_3455

Step 8: Stuff and closeIMG_3465IMG_3464

Doug approves!IMG_3468


I only used a small amount of my jeans to make this little guy. For my next project I want to attempt to design and make my own stuffed animal.

What other type of creature would look good made out of denim??


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