Day Camp Arts & Crafts Part II

Yesterday marked our last day of Day Camp for the 2018 season! I can’t believe how fast it flew by. Here are a few more arts and crafts projects I did with my campers this summer:

Superman Style Initial Paintings

We used crayon resist and watercolor to make personalized paintings. Campers traced the diamond shape onto their paper, drew out their first initial and then colored it in with a mixture of crayons and watercolor paint. Here are some of the results:


One camper wasn’t into the project and asked if he could paint his own picture. I like to support kids’ individual creativity, so I said, “Of course.” This was the result:

He painted a dumpster. 

Pipe Cleaner “Buddies”

This activity is one I have done every year I’ve worked at camp and the kids always have a good time with it. We use pipe cleaners, straws, foam and beads to make bendy buddies. Here are a few the kids made this year:


Blow Painting

For these paintings we used straws to blow homemade watercolor paint (a mixture of water and food coloring) around on paper.

Some kids left their paintings abstract. I love how the colors combine and move around the paintings:

Other kids chose to embellish their blow paintings with drawings:


Origami “Explosion” Books

I didn’t get a ton of photos with this activity, but I did get a few. We followed this tutorial to make books out of three pieces of origami paper. The kids then glued on cardstock covers and drew pictures and wrote stories on the inside.

This girl chose to title her book, “My Three Heroes,” and proceeded to write why Mom, Dad and Grandma were so important to her. I almost cried.

Plastic Lanyard Bracelets

For this activity we cut plastic canvas into strips and the kids wove yarn into it to create patterned bracelets. I didn’t get many photos of this craft either, but here are a few:

Rock Painting

Finally, we finished off the summer with an old classic – Rock Painting. I always go to the beach and gather smooth stones for this activity:


And just like that, summer’s over 😦

Here are just a few extra things I’ll miss now that camp is over:

The Arts & Crafts trash monster, who gobbled up scraps and garbage.
These baby swallows who grew up and left their nest under the camp shed.
This toad who hung out at Arts & Crafts all day.



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