Christmas Wreath

A week and a half ago was the first time Doug and I cut our own Christmas tree instead of buying a precut one:


We got it up and decorated pretty quickly:


What I didn’t get around to as quickly was disposing of some extra branches we had to cut off the bottom of our tree. Luckily, today was our first snow day of the season! There’s nothing better than an unexpected day off during the holiday season. It’s nice to have a day at home when you’re not expected to be going anywhere and you can finally get around to those projects you thought you’d never have time for – like these branches:


I had enough extra fir branches to make a wreath! This is the first time in my adult life that I’ve had a Christmas wreath. It was actually super easy to make. Here are the steps I followed:

Step 1: Make a wire frame

I just used an old extra wire coat hanger we had laying around.


Step 2: Gather materials

Materials: Wire frame, fir branches, scissors to cut branches, wire to attach branches to frame

Step 3: Cut down branches into short, even pieces

I cut pieces that were about 8-10″ long.

Step 4: Add branches to your frame

To attach the branches to the wire hanger, I held 1-3 pieces of fir against it and wrapped wire around them to secure them. I continued doing this, overlapping pieces, making my way all around the wire frame.

Here’s the finished product, back and front:


I searched all over the house for ribbon or embellishments I could add, but I didn’t find much. All I had was a pinecone with some fake red berries and white ribbon. The white ribbon is hard to see, so I’ll probably switch that out later. Now all I need is a place to hang it! For now it’s outside chilling on a rusty old plant hanger by the front door:


Christmas is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, especially when the decorations don’t cost me anything. Here are a few bonus photos of one of my other cheap DIY Christmas decorations that I love – paper snowflakes! This is the fourth year I have hung these up, and the third apartment they have hung in. Enjoy!

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