Seed Stitch Scarf

So I sometimes start a project, get bored, and then throw it back in the knitting basket to revisit later. This scarf I actually started knitting last winter, but never had the motivation to finish. This is how far I made it a year ago:


Luckily when I picked this up again a few weeks ago, it was easy to recognize the pattern I was following:

Cast on an even number of stitches (I think I did somewhere around 40?)

Row 1: K3,*K1, P1; repeat from * across, knit last 3 stitches

Continue the Row 1 pattern until the scarf is the desired length:


Cast off:


Then I twisted the scarf one time and used an embroidery needle to stitch the two ends together:


And the final product:


I love the seed stitch (K1, P1) because it’s super simple, but still gives the final product a nice texture:


I’m also obsessed with the colors in this yarn!


I have a second skein of this yarn, what else should I make??

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