More Tie Dye

My friends and I go to trivia every Monday at a local tavern. A week or two ago, they were giving away t-shirts as a promotion for a new brewery. To my great joy, the shirts were white! White shirts are always exciting. It means a blank canvas and an excuse to tie dye!


I soaked it in soda ash and did and folded the shirt in a simple burst from the shoulder:

I used red, orange, yellow, lime green, turquoise and purple dyes, and applied them in random order on both sides:


When I realized I had leftover dye, I threw another t-shirt in my bucket of soda ash. I had a yellow shirt that had once gotten stained when a sneaky tube of chapstick made its way into the dryer one day. I figured I’d cover up the chapstick stains with a fun design:


I went with a simple classic spiral for this one:


For the Idaho shirt I dyed one side with blue and purple. On the opposite side I used red, yellow and orange:


And the results:


The colors seemed kind of muted in this shirt. This could be because I started with a yellow shirt instead of white. I was much more excited with the Bad Lab shirt:

I will definitely be wearing this a lot this summer!



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